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2024 ISPE Annual Meeting:

Celebrating 40 years of Advancing Pharmacoepidemiology

Dear ISPE colleagues,

I am very excited to welcome you to Berlin, Germany, for the 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting!‎

The success of the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting in Halifax has given us wonderful momentum as we head ‎towards Berlin. The record number of abstracts submitted for the 2024 meeting is testament to the ‎strength of our community and our science.‎

We are thrilled to be planning an in-person conference, but we recognize that not everyone will be able ‎or willing to travel in August. Registration for the 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting, which is scheduled to open ‎in early June, will be offered in two ways:‎

  • Registration for the live, in-person conference in Berlin
  • Virtual registration for key elements of the conference; registrants will be able to live stream sessions but ‎not interact with speakers or attendees.‎

Wherever possible, all sessions, except for social events, will be recorded and made available after the ‎conference at no extra cost to all registrants.‎

Our cancellation policy allows you to convert your in-person registration to a virtual registration with no ‎price penalty, so you won't miss out if your plans change at the last minute.‎

The full meeting schedule will be posted on the website by early July.‎

I look forward to seeing you in Berlin in August!‎


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Andrea V. Margulis, MD, ScD, FISPE
Chair, 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee